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Thursday August 9, 2018, CrossFit Stapleton – Denver, CO


Thursday August 9, 2018, CrossFit Stapleton – Denver, CO

Free Recipe of the Week!!

Spiced Chicken Wings, Roasted Rainbow Carrots & Homemade ‘Ranch’


For the Chicken –

2# Good quality chicken wings

2 limes (juiced)

1T paprika
1T chili powder
1T garlic powder
1t salt

For the Carrots –
1# rainbow carrots (greens chopped off & carrots sliced carefully into 1/4s longways)

1T honey
1T white vinegar

For the ‘Ranch’
1/3C coconut cream (room temp)
1/2C EVOO based (or avocado oil) mayo
1 lemon (zested/juiced)
2T dill (fronds chopped fine)
1/2T garlic powder
1/2T onion powder
salt/pepper (to taste)
1T apple cider vinegar


1. Set your oven to 400F.

2. Start by prepping your wings. In a large bowl whisk together the lime juice, EVOO, paprika,

chili powder, garlic powder, and salt. Once well whisked toss in your chicken wings and coat well. Place seasoned wings in a large zip lock bag or air tight container and allow at least an hour to marinate (or up to 5 days in the fridge).

3. Whisk together the 2T EVOO, 1T honey, white vinegar and a small pinch of both salt/ pepper. Line a baking sheet with foil and place your sliced carrots in a single layer on the pan.

4. THEN – using a grill brush (or food safe brush) liberally brush honey/vinegar mixture over carrots – don’t be shy, use up ALL of the mixture.

5. Place brushed carrots in the heated oven and roast until crisp – 30-40 minutes. If you can set a times to ‘flip/rotate carrots’ 20 minutes in, that will help prevent burning!

6. While the carrots roast whip up your ‘ranch’ by whisking ALL ranch ingredients together in a medium bowl. Keep mixture refrigerated and sealed until you need it!

7. When your carrots are about 20 minutes out from being ready get the wings cooking!

8. Sear marinated wings in a pan over high heat (with a splash of EVOO) until they are golden

brown on each side – about 1-2 minutes/side.

9. Once they are browned transfer wings to a baking sheet lined with a ‘wire rack’ and pop in

the oven (right along with the carrots) to finish cooking – about 15-20 minutes.

10. Serve roasted carrots and wings with a small cup (like 1/4C) of your homemade ranch!

11. Enjoy.




A. Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets):
Bench Press
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 80-85%
*Set 2 – 3 reps @ 85-90%
*Set 3 – 2 reps @ 90%
*Set 4 – 3 reps @ 85-90%
*Set 5 – 8 reps @ 75-80%
*Set 6 – 8 reps @ 75-80%


B. Five rounds for time of:
12 Ring Dips
12 Push Presses (115/75 lbs)
12 Burpees Over the Barbell (Lateral)



A. Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets):
Bench Press x 5


B. Five rounds for time of:
12 Bar OR BoxDips
12 DB Push Presses
12 Burpees


Bumper’s ClubTBD



A. 4 Rounds:

12 Front Rack Loaded Alt Kettlebell box Step Up

10 Ring Body Saw

8/leg Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

5 Strict dips at 33X3


B. 25-20-15-10-5 – For Time:

X3 Double Unders (75, 60, 45, 30, 15)

X2 Wallballs (50-40-30-20-10)

Ab mat Sit ups

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