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Thursday December 12, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday December 12, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Come on out and support your CFS Conquer Denver Team this Friday and Saturday! Below  is a rough outline for Friday and Saturday…

Join us Saturday night for awards ceremony and post competition concert and party!


Douglas County Event Center

500 Fairgrounds Drive

Castle Rock CO, 80104

Friday Night

4-6:30 Team check in, need to tell us your 10 team members at this time. Not everyone has to be there at once, but everyone will have to sign a waiver before they compete!

6:30 Demo “Jumbo’s Triple”

6:45-8 “C2B and 4 Square” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off

8:05 Demo “SS Isa Partner Style”

8:15-9:15 “Jumbo’s Triple” 1Girl/1Guy Together 15 Minute Cut Off

9:20 Demo “Chippa What Chippa Who”

9:30-10 “SS Isa Partner Style” 1Girl/1Guy Together 8 Minute Cut Off

10:15-12:30 AM “Chippa What Chippa Who” All 10 Athletes Go, 3 Heats in between DJ Sets!


10-11:00 Olympic Weightlifting Meet weigh in.

10:45 Demo “Underrated”

11-12:15 “Double Trouble” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off

12-3:00 Olympic Weightlifting Meet

12:20 Demo “Quad-ra-fry”

12:30-1:15 “Underrated” 1Girl/1Guy Together 12 Minute Cut Off

1:30 Demo “Raising the Bar”

1:40-2:25 “Quad-ra-fry” 1Girl/ 1Guy Together 12 Minute Cut Off

2:40 Demo “Snatches and Balls”

2:50-3:50 “Raising the Bar” 1Girl/1Guy 7 Minute Cut Off

3:30-4:50 “Row, Row, Row your Boat” 1Girl/1Guy

4:05 Demo “So Lets Complex”

4:15-5:30 “Snatches and Balls” 1Girl/1Guy 8 Minute Cut Off

5:45 Demo “Death by P/T”

5:55-6:25 “So Lets Complex” 1Girl/1Guy Together 7 Minute Cut Off

6:40 Demo “Get Outta My Way”

6:50 DINNER BREAK (Jumpin Rope Exhibition and The Amazing Ian Drum Solo)

7:30-8 “Death by P/T” 2 Girls/2Guys Together 7 Minute Cut Off

8:10-8:55 “Grace Who” 1Girl/1Guy Together 11 Minute Cut Off

9:05 FINAL SPECTATOR WORKOUT “The Fan” 7 Minute Cut Off

9:15-10:15 FINAL TEAM WORKOUT “Get Outta My Way”

The 10 Highest ranked teams Pick 3 girls and 3 guys to

Alternate through the workout. 25 Minute Cut Off

10:30 Awards Ceremony Immediately followed by Concert!



A. Build to a Tough triple FS in 12 min.
B. TGU 20 reps total, alternate hands each rep, use this as skill building and practice.
15 min. AMRAP
20 Wall balls
20 Push ups
20 Box jumps
20 Toes to Bar

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