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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


2013 Crossfit Stapleton Cross Town Throwdown Event #1 and Floater W.O.D.

Released. Video Standards under “Throw Down” Tab…

Floater WOD:


  • AMRAP Pull Ups (1 attempt)



Pull ups

This is a bar pull-up. Dead-hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are all allowed as long as all the requirements are met.

You must start each rep with your elbows and shoulders completely extended.  The rep will be counted when your chin is visible over the pull up bar (judges will be at eye level of bar).  You may use any type of kip that you wish, but your chin must be visible over the bar. Once BOTH hands leave the bar the attempt has ended i.e. (You can shake out 1 arm at a time)

You may use athletic tape on your hands.  You may NOT use gloves, gymnastics grips or anything else between your hands and the pullup bar.  Any kind of adhesive applied to the hands will not be allowed.

****Must be completed before 12 Noon at Athletes discretion-we will have judges strictly dedicated to the Pull Up W.O.D.*****


Event #1


In a 25 minute Time Limit perform the following 2 Tasks:


  • 1 Mile Timed Run (Cut Off 8:30)
  • Ground to overhead for max load (will begin at the 12:00 minute mark)

Standards for WOD 1


The Clean

The first part, the Clean: The bar is placed horizontally in front of the lifter’s legs. It is gripped, palms downward and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the shoulders, while either splitting or bending the legs. During this continuous movement, the bar may slide along the thighs and the lap. It then rests on the clavicles or on the chest above the nipples or on the arms fully bent. You can use and Power Clean or Squat Clean so long as the feet return to the same line, legs straight, before performing the Jerk. The lifter may make this recovery in his own time and have his feet on the same line, parallel to the plane of his trunk and the barbell.

The Jerk

The second part, the Jerk: The athlete bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms to bring the bar to the full stretch of the arms vertically extended. He returns the feet to the same line, arms and legs extended and waits for the referees signal (must show control for 3 seconds counted out loud by judge) to lower the barbell as soon as the lifter becomes motionless in all parts of the body. Pressing the bar out is acceptable.

Men’s- 135#, 145#,155#, 165#, 175#, 185#, 195#, 205#, 215#, 225#, 235#, 245#, 255#, 265# 

Women- 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#, 155#, 165#, 175#, 185#

Ladder Format

You will start with the lowest weight listed for male or female. On the command of “Lift” will have 20 seconds to make a successful attempt.  You may take as many attempts as needed within the 20 seconds to make your successful lift.  In order for the lift to count, the judge must give you the “down” signal prior to the call of “rotate”.  At the conclusion of : 20 second mark, you will hear the call of, “Rotate.”  You will then have 10 seconds to move to the next barbell.  You will then wait at that barbell for the call of, “Lift”…….

After you have missed your attempt (meaning you must make an attempt), you may choose to retry the weight.  Or, you can choose to perform as many deadlifts as possible in the time remaining.  Many athlete’s will successfully lift the same weight.  We will use the number of deadlifts to break up any ties.

DeadLift Standards

The barbell starts on the ground and finishes grasped in the hands at mid thigh, with the knees and hips extended.  The shoulders must be behind the barbell when viewed from the side.  THE BARBELL CANNOT BE DROPPED!  If the barbell is dropped, that rep will not count.  The barbell cannot be bounced.  The arms must stay extended as the barbell is lowered to the ground for the rep to count.

Administrative Notes: These 2 events (Mile Run AND Ground To Overhead) will be scored as 2 separate WOD’s with points given for each place finish.




“Mini Chipper”

  • 60 Burpees
  • 50 Sit ups
  • 40 KB Swings 55#/35# or (2 Pood/55#)
  • 30 Strict Pull Ups
  • 20 Strict Ring Dips
  • 10 Strict HSPU



Cash Out:
SKILL DAY Handstand Walks for max distance in :30 seconds (Rest 2 minutes x 4)

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