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Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 -CrossFit Stapleton

Workout of the Day
1k Row (sub 4 minute Air Dyne for Cals or 800 meter Run)
Rest 8

1k Row
Rest 8

1k Row

Food Logging from James “OPT” Fitzgerald

Food Logging


One of the simplest, cheapest, and most revealing diagnostics is food logging—writing down what you eat.  From my perspective as an athletic nutritionist, I get an inside view on what an athlete is taking in for fuel.  But more importantly, the client gets, more often than not, a big dose of self-realization.  Why does this have the impact it does?

  • Most folks are truly NOT connected with their food.  
  • Higher awareness comes from connecting nutrition with how performance, mood, & energy levels are affected.
  • Logging food, and the physical process of writing it down, can be the first time some athletes actually “see” what they are taking in—and what they are NOT taking in.
  • Quantities can be revealing, also.  I am adamant about athletes tracking quantities and volumes.  While quality is paramount, too much, or too little, can have huge negative impacts

Homework:  Log your food intact for 7 days…not 1, not 3, but a full week.  See the trends with training, how it impacts your hunger, and how nutrition impacts your training.


Mike Kesthely

Dynamic Nutrition

Optimum Performance Training Team


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