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Tuesday July 10, 2012 No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park

On June 24th. 2012, while attempting to break up a gang-related fight at a City Park jazz concert, Denver Police Department Officer Celena Hollis was shot and killed.  She was 32 years old.  Hollis, a single parent, leaves behind a 12-year-old daughter.  We will be doing today’s workout in her honor.

Mini ‘Hollis’ 12 Minute AMRAP

800m Run (buy in)

2 bar facing split burpees

2 weighted squats

4 bar facing burpees

4 weighted squats

…and so on increasing by two until the time runs out! Score= number of rounds plus reps.


6am Crew

Tracy- 12 rounds +6 reps

Robert- 16 rounds +7 reps

Monica- 14 rounds +9 reps

Rose- 12 rounds +27 reps

Andi- 14 rounds + 24 reps






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