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Tuesday October 22, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Sweet vs. regular potatoes: Which are really healthier?



“It’s an age-old debate: the sweet vs. the regular potato. Which should you be eating for maximum health?”

Check out this awesome side by side analysis discussing the major different between the sweet potato and the regular potato…

Time Based Interval WOD
In 2 Minutes:
Run 250
12 Burpees
AMRAP Russian KB Swings with time remaining 55#/45#/35#
Rest 3 B/T
Score each Round=Swings
x 3
In 2 Minutes:
Row 250 (Girls) 300 (Guys)
15 Stick Jumps (Over and Back = 1)
AMRAP Pick a Gymnastic movement: Level 1) MU’s Level 2) Pull Ups with time remaining 3) Ring Dips
Rest 4 B/T
Score each Round = MU’s/ Pull Ups/Ring Dips
x 3

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