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Tuesday October 8, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Tuesday October 8, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


We are over the half-way hump Whole Life Challengers… How are you holding up? This week’s new lifestyle category switch (Mindfulness) is a great one! It is incredibly important for us take time each day to be present. We live crazy lives and sometimes forget to be thankful for what we have, where we are, what we are currently doing, etc., each and every day. Enjoy the moment you are in NOW… not 5 minutes ago… not 2 hours from now… right now. 



Posted on October 3 by Michael Stanwyck

You don’t spend much time where you are. I know it sounds funny, but check in with your thoughts. Even though you are physically there, your mind is probably elsewhere. Even if it’s on important things, when you are thinking about what’s next, what was yesterday, what could be, or what’s not, you fail to inhabit your own life.

Consider that the only moment that exists in your life is the one that you are in – the past ones are gone and the future ones haven’t happened yet. When your mind is in another moment, your life is happening without you – you are off inhabiting an imaginary life. It happens all the time, it takes no effort whatsoever, and happens from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

So what? What’s the big deal? Well, no big deal, but it’s a sure way to miss out on much of the joy, excitement, accomplishment, and real human connection your life offers. How many times have you experienced those things? How many times have you let yourself be present to them for more than a second before letting your mind run off to the next thing?

Here’s the real stunner- being intentionally present may actually be the thing that causes the joy, excitement, accomplishment, and real human connection you’re looking for. When you are truly present, you don’t have to wait for those things to appear. You will find them in each and every moment of life. But! You must actually be mindful of it.

As we said earlier, not being mindful is the default human setting and doing more things won’t get you there (there = joy, excitement, accomplishment, and real human connection). It is actually a practice of not doing. Never forget, we are human beings, not human doings.

Your next Lifestyle Challenge, starting Saturday, October 5, is to practice mindfulness for 10 minutes every day.


  1. You may do your 10 minutes of mindfulness each day in the form of meditation or journaling.
  2. Your first day of practice is Saturday and your first day of reporting for Mindfulness is Sunday.
  3. You may choose your practice, but stick with the same one for the entire challenge. Consistency is everything.
  4. Whatever you choose, the challenge is to be mindful of your thoughts and be present to the moment you are in.
  5. Meditation can mean sit and focus on your breath, pray, tai chi, chant, or use a guided meditation.
  6. You may not “double dip” – no doing your workout, mobilizing, dog walking, etc., while you practice mindfulness. It must be the one thing you are doing for those 10 minutes.

You do not have to be perfect at it! Your mind will wander, just bring it back when you notice it. There is no “right” way to do this. The practice is to be mindful and be present to whatever comes up, as judgement free as possible

If you’d like a little help getting started, here are a couple of apps that can give you some guidance:

Omvana, a platform for downloading both free and paid relaxing sounds, music, guided meditations, and more
My Headspace, a fun, practical, bite-sized, 10 minutes a day guided meditation program brought to you by a trained Buddhist monk (he’s not what you expect!)
The Mindfulness App, a customizable silent or guided meditation app.
Buddhify, the urban meditation app for getting mindful right where you are.
Mindfulness Meditation, a full service meditation app with meditations and tips, as well as the ability to “gift” some mindfulness to someone.
Heartmath, a scientific approach to managing your inner peace using a technique called “coherence” between heart and breath. This one requires the purchase of a $99 heart rate monitor for your phone.


A)Push Press x 1, Power Jerk x 1, Split Jerk x 1 x 4 Sets;

(Start at 85% 1 RM Push Press and build)


B) Every :90 on the :90 AMRAP HSPU x 6 Minutes



21 PUSH Press @ 60% 1 RM

Run 400

15 Push Press

Run 300

9 Push Press

Run 200

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