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Wade's Wednesdays June 25, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Wade's Wednesdays June 25, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

A Weightlifting Lesson: By Example.

Today I would like all of you to watch this short video of “Finland’s Fastest” Milko Tokola, and consider the following points about olympic lifting:

(Also, turn up the volume.  It’s important.)

  Everytime you yawn in the middle of a squat session, Milko stomps his split jerk landing on top of a pile of kittens.  While you’re sand-bagging the strength portion because you want to beat so-and-so at your little metcon, Milko is trying to separate Scandinavia from Russia using only the tectonic forces coming out of his shoes and thighs.
  I’ve been coaching at CFS for a while, and you are all wonderful beautiful people.  But I need you to nut up and commit to the strength portions of our workouts.  If you aren’t yelling, grunting, and making a scene, you aren’t working hard enough. 
  If you aren’t going to yell for your own lift, I’m going to have to keep finding music to yell at you for you.
Speed Under The Bar
  Remember last time I told you that the snatch is about speed?  No you don’t, because I have to remind you every time I see you.  Watch this video.  THAT is speed.
  Yeah, I get it.  There is a lot to think about when doing a snatch or a C&J.
  “Coach is watching and it makes me nervous.”
  “I can’t remember the 10 things they just listed about form.”
  “I want a donut.”
  “These tights make my butt look big.”
  And before you know it you do the world’s most slow motion muscle snatch, bending your elbows like the dance move from Backstreet Boy’s “Everybody” video, and a part of me dies inside.
  Yeah, there is a lot to think about.  It’s not easy.  But for heaven’s sake move your ass faster.  
Your Hips Must Meet the Bar
  Every time.  Light lifts, power lifts, pvc warmups.  It hits.  Listen to the sounds in the video when the bar meets Milko’s hips.  It sounds like a cannonball got fired at the front end of a runaway locomotive.  Guess which one (hips or bar) is the locomotive. 
  “But Wade, it left a bruise on my tummy/thighs.”  Great.  If you were my grandmother I’d give you a Motrin.  As it stands, my grandmother would never complain about that.   
  In the end, this is what I want to see.  The details of form will come with practice.  Why do I listen to metal while I lift (which Nicolle always calls ‘death metal,’ which is adorable)?  Because that’s exactly how I want to feel inside when I’m at the gym.  The attitude should be here NOW.  Find that intensity.  Find the inner beast.  Unleash it.
Coach Wade
ps. Note Milko is not wearing tennis shoes.  That’s cause he’s lifting weights, not playing tennis.  Get lifting shoes.
pps.  Somebody bring back the half mullet please.




A. Build to tough X5 Power Clean in 12mins
B. EMOM – Power Snatch TnG x 5 – 6mins
5 round for max reps
Run 200m
AMRAP MU unbroken
AMRAP HSPU unbroken
rest 30sec after each round

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