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Wade's Wednesdays- Tuesday June 19, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Wade's Wednesdays- Tuesday June 19, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Why fitness is important to me.

Let’s get the first myth out of the way.  Rarely does anyone work out to by ‘healthy.’  If you are currently thinking: “That’s not me, I totally work out to lessen my risk of cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, and premature catastrophic and ignominious death,” then you are probably kidding yourself.  While this is a great reason to work out, it is rarely sufficient motivation.  On top of that, research makes a great argument that walking 30 minutes a day will accomplish as much towards these ends as murdering yourself at Crossfit.

  So before you drop your membership and join a walking club (and concomitantly become super lame), consider these REAL reasons to lift like a boss:


1)    Squatting and deadlifting make you a more useful person.

a.     You will become the go-to amongst your family and friends for helping move heavy stuff.  Before you think: “why would I want that?!” consider that it is incredibly rewarding to help the ones you love.

2)    Friends.

a.     Some of my best friends have been forged in sweat, vomit, and iron.  That is, while lifting heavy weights.  Your suffering will bring you close to those who suffer alongside you.  If you haven’t made friends at CFS, you aren’t trying.  Talk to people in your class.  Encourage them, and they’ll encourage you.

3)    You will be able to do more things you love, longer.

a.     You know what’s nice?  Moving to Colorado from the lowlands, after not doing any excess respiratory training, and climbing Long’s 2 weeks later.  Without difficulty.  Your fitness program at CFS will make you agile enough to waterski, fit enough to climb mountains, and strong enough to beat your enemies in arm-wrestling.  You will enjoy your life more when you are fitter.

4)    Lookin’ good.

a.     Everyone wants this.  Few people in CrossFit admit it because they are repeating the word ‘function’ over and over as fast as they can.  There is nothing wrong with looking like a lion, or lioness.

5)    You love it.

a.     Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day you will suddenly realize I love to do this.  Going to CFS is the best thing that happens to my day.  None of the above reasoning is necessary if you love to lift.  And let’s face it, there’s nothing better.





PS.  Please, also take care of your cardiovascular health.




Did he mention the lookin’ good part????



A. Build to a tough triple power clean TnG in 15mins

B. 7 minute EMOM – Hang power snatch TnG x 3 

C. “Annie” 




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