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Wednesday June 17, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Wednesday June 17, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Staying consistent during the summer


It is summer time! Yayyy!

With all of the summer goodness that is now upon us (pools/BBQs/vacations/concerts/etc.) comes some frustrations. We work SO hard all over the Fall & Winter to get ready for summer… and then summer hits and we throw all of our hard work out of the window. We stop training consistently, we eat out more often then we should, and our alcohol consumption increases (who doesn’t love a cold beer by the pool??), and we being to jump back into all of the old ‘bad nutrition/training’ habits we shook! Many of us struggle during this time of year to stay healthy… you are not the only one! 

Before I get into ‘how to clean up your summer’ lets get something straight… Summer should be FUN! Enjoy yourself, you have earned it! Have a beer by the pool, eat a s’more, skip a workout to play outside, etc! It is all about maintaining a healthy balance.

If you focus on being ‘on it’ 80-90% of the time you will not lose your progress you have worked so hard for. You can enjoy a couple cheat meals on your vacation, and not feel guilty about skipping a workout to go to the pool on that 100+ degree day! Balance is the key to success here… Turning your focus to a few major ‘health/wellness’ staples to help you keep on track is something to think about.

Easy Tips to keep you on track:

1- Stay/get hydrated… with the heat you are going to need more water than normal! Shoot for around .5-.75oz/# (total body weight) of water per day. If you are struggling to get that much water in, play with adding fresh fruit juice juice (grapefruit/kiwi/orange/lime/lemons/etc.) to you water bottle!! Coconut water is also a great options… this is super hydrating and contains many natural electrolytes. When going out for drinks, keep things in check by drinking one water for every full drink your consume… this will automatically slow down the amount of alcohol your drink and keep you hydrated (double awesome!). Try sticking to the light drinks (low sugar/carb) if you can, (IE: Vodka & Soda w/ citrus or Tequila & Soda w/ lime) they are very refreshing and don’t pack nearly as many sugars as the hard liquor/soda drinks. Stay away from the wine and beer as much as possible (these will make you bloated and feeling ‘heavy and lethargic!’).

2- Get your rest! Sunscreen up and go take a nap outside or at the pool. With the nice weather there is a great chance that you will be staying up a little later that your use to, make up for that with a quick 20-40min power nap (anything longer than that will put you into a fog for the rest of the day).

3- DON’T skip meals. I know, there is a lot going on over the summer and you may be running around like a mad person, but skipping meals can drain your energy and force your body to hold onto unwanted fat. Skipping breakfast or lunch (out of connivence) will slow your metabolism down and force you to crave sugary (carb filled) items, that will not do your body any favors! Try getting ahead of the game by pre-making a few grab and go snacks (turkey/avocado wraps, fruit/almond butter, hummus/veggies, etc.) and lunches (gazpachos/big pre-made salads/etc.).

4- Still have fun!! Like I said earlier… just maintain a healthy balance! Don’t stress over the cheat days you have… just understand that you gotta get back on track the next day! 80/20 (80% great / 20% not so great) is a sustainable ratio to strive for!

Happy summer 2015!!!

See you in the gym…

Please email Tayler@CrossFitStapleton.Com if you have any questions!!





A. Every two minutes, for 12 minutes:
Power Clean + Squat Clean

B. Five rounds for time:
Row 300 Meters
12 Front Squats (95/65 lbs)
12 Pull-Ups



A. Three sets of:

Single-Leg Deadlift x 6-8 reps each leg
Rest 45 seconds
Russian Kettlebell Swings x 15 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Walk x 25 yards each arm
Rest 45 seconds

B. Five sets for max reps:

45 seconds of Rowing (for calories)
Rest 15 seconds
45 seconds of Goblet Squats
Rest 15 seconds
45 seconds of Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 15 seconds



AMRAP 12 Minutes
150m Run
15 DB Thrusters (30/20)
10 Renegade Rows (30/20)
MyZone: Pace/ Yellow

Rest 3 minutes… then…

4 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
10 KB Swings (55/35)
10 Goblet Squats (55/35)

MyZone: Pace/ Yellow

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