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Wednesday September 24, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


The Girls GoneRX Heat Times have been announced! 


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On 2min intervals for max reps:
Interval 1/Athlete 1: Run 400m, with remaining time AMRAP Double Unders
Interval 2/Athlete 2: Run 400m, with remaining time AMRAP Box Jump Overs 20″
Interval 3/Athlete 3: Run 400m, with remaining time AMRAP Burpee to 45lb bumper plate

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
60 Back Squats 115lbs (Must switch every 20 reps)
45 Front Squats 95lbs (Must switch every 15 reps)
30 Thrusters 65lbs (Must switch every 10 reps)

For time:
21 Snatch 65lbs
9 Pull-Ups
15 Snatch 65lbs
15 Pull-Ups
9 Snatch 65lbs
21 Pull-Ups
Time Cap: 9 minutes
*Athlete 1 completes 21 snatches and 9 pull ups, Athlete 2 completes 15 snatches and 15 pull ups, Athlete 3 completes 9 snatches and 21 pull ups.


Lil Beasts Brain WOD:
This Brain WOD is inspired by studies that prove that exercise enhances a persons learning. In this WOD we will test working memory. Working memory is the ability to recall information after some kind of interference. In this case, BURPEES.
Each team of 3 will receive a group of cards. This group of cards feature the Lil Beasts characters, and there are 2 identical cards of each character. The cards will be randomly spread out in 4 rows of 4 by your judge. One team member will line up next to one of the 3 sides of the cards as indicated in video.
The object of the game is to find all matches in the group of cards.
The first athlete must first do 3 burpees to turn over two cards. If match is made then the cards can stay face up. If not, the cards must be turned over again. It is now the next team members turn. There may not be any talking or communication during the game play. (Includes pointing). Penalty will result in an immediate 10 burpees for whole team. Time is called when the last match is turned over. Your score is your team’s time.

This brain WOD can be done with adults and kids. Ideas include before homework, as a warmup, and as a game. Find more games or to become a Beast Box visit





Between your team of 3, you must decide which athlete will complete what interval.  Once the workouts begins, athletes may not switch intervals and must complete their own interval from start to finish, without assistance from teammates.
Each interval will start on the 2 minute mark.  In the case in which an athlete can’t complete a 400m run in the 2 minute interval, that interval will be scored as zero points.
Total workout time is 6 minutes.

Double Unders Standard:

These are standard double unders with the rope passing twice around the body in a forward motion with each jump. Swinging the rope backward is not permitted. For the rep to count, the rope must clear twice. Attempts where the rope catches before clearing twice do not count. You are permitted to use your own rope.

Box Jump Over Standards:
Box Height is 20”. Each rep begins with a two-footed jump. One-footed jumps and step-ups are not permitted. The athlete may jump over the box without touching it, or may land on top before jumping off to the other side. The athlete may not use their hands, and the feet must go over the box, not around it.  Each rep ends on the opposite side of the box from where it began. The next rep will begin from there and return to the first side. Stepping down from the box and single-foot landings are permitted.

Burpee to Plate:
Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the plate. The head cannot be over the plate and the chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom. The athlete must jump onto the plate from both feet and land on both feet. One-footed jumping or stepping over is not permitted. The rep ends with full extension on top of the plate.

Team will complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes. You will have 1 barbell and must make your own weight changes.  Judge can not help team change out weights. Team will begin with Athlete 1 doing 20 Back Squats. Teammates can help place barbell on your back and can hold bar in a rack position during breaks. Bar can touch the ground, although each back squat starts from the standing position. Athlete 1 must complete all 20 reps before athlete 2 can begin her 20 back squats, then athlete 3 does her 20 back squats. Each athlete must complete all their reps before the next athlete can begin.  See standards below for each movement.  Must complete in order:
Back Squats: Athletes must complete all 20 reps each before next athlete begins
Front Squats: Athletes must complete all 15 reps each before next athlete begins
Thrusters: Athletes must complete all 10 reps each before next athlete begins

Back Squat:
The barbell must be racked on your back. At the top, the hips and knees must be fully extended.  At the bottom the hip crease must be below the top of the knee. Your teammates can help place barbell on your back if needed.

Front Squats:
The barbell must be racked on the front of the shoulders. At the top, the hips and knees must be fully extended. Any grip is permitted as long as the bar is in the front-rack position.  At the bottom the hip crease must be below the top of the knee. A full squat clean is permitted, but not required, to start the movement if standard depth is achieved.

This is a standard barbell thruster in which the barbell moves from the bottom of a front squat to full lockout overhead. The bar starts on the ground. The barbell must come to a full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the body. The hip crease must pass below the knees. A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed if the bar is on the ground.

Workout has a 9 minute time cap. Athletes will let judge know what order they will go in for this workout. Once the workout begins, you can not switch. Athlete 1 completes 21 snatches and 9 pull ups, then Athlete 2 completes 15 snatches and 15 pull ups, finally Athlete 3 completes 9 snatches and 21 pull ups. Each athlete must finish their portion before the next athlete can begin. You will be scored on time. If you do not complete in the 9 minute time cap, each missed rep will be added onto your time. No assistance from teammates on any movement in this workout.

Pull Up Standard:
These are standard pull-ups. Full extension of the arms at the bottom, chin over the height of bar at the top. Any grip on the bar and any type of kipping are allowed.

Snatch Standard:

The barbell begins on the ground. Athlete will move barbell from ground to overhead in a continuous motion.The barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders. Barbell overhead position: The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with hips, knees, and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the middle of the body. Can be a Snatch and/or Power Snatch.

A. Back squat; build to a heavy 3RM in 15 minutes

For time:


Back squats @ 50% of A


*40x DU after each round


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