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Why eat like a caveman? Its 2012…


Why eat like a caveman? Its 2012…

Why eat like a caveman? Its 2012…

Our bodies are machines. In order to get maximum potential from our bodies we need to ensure everything is in working order. We need to set ourselves up for success and in order to do that we need to fuel our bodies properly. Without proper nutrition it will not matter how hard, fast, or long we work out. Nutrition is at the base of our pyramid of life. We need to fuel our bodies with what we are genetically adapted to eat.

Take a look at any wild animal. Their bodies are genetically designed to eat specific foods, and that is what they stick to. Numerous studies have shown that their digestive systems and bodies are built for their specific ‘diet’ and nothing else. Lions eat meat all the time because their bodies are built for taking the nutrients they need out of the animals they consume. Lions have shorter digestive tracts than plant eaters to accommodate their calorie dense food. Herbivores however have a much longer digestive tract due to the fact that they need more time to break down the cellulose found in all plants. Cellulose is the structural component of the primary cell walls of green plants, and humans can only partially digest cellulose and what we don’t break down goes through our bodies as fiber.

Think about it; why would we want to put foods into our bodies that our systems don’t know how do digest? It would be inefficient. As we all know, efficiency in a Cossfit workout is of great  importance as there is no reason to be outputting more energy than needed. When we keep good solid form and move efficiently while performing our WODs , we naturally  get better results at a quicker rate. However, if we use bad form, and are inefficient in our movements the results we are looking for will not be attained.

Attaining these same logical principals should go for our daily consumption of food.

To sum things up:

  • Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Some fruit
  • Little starch, no sugar
  • Keep intake of levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

In simple terms, eat good quality foods that our bodies want to digest and you will be a much happier person. Back in the Paleolithic times our hunter and gather ancestors didn’t eat for pleasure… they ate for fuel.

We all need to take a few steps back and try to follow in their footsteps and, lucky for us, we live in a time were we have the resources and access to make our ‘fuel’ delicious.

YOUR CHALENGE: Research paleo recipes, experiment with recipes on your own, and talk about paleo concept with your fellow CrossFitters and friends. Fuel you ‘machine’ properly and you will perform at your full potential.


Sources: The Paleo Diet for Athletes by: Loren Cordain,

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