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WODBOOK and FUELBOOK -an easy place to track all of your workouts and nutrition!


WODBOOK and FUELBOOK -an easy place to track all of your workouts and nutrition!


We got together with Robb Wolf and wrote up some great guides and cheat sheets for you to have on hand, in the same place as your log book. You’ll find shopping lists, menu samples, a good paragraph descriptor of good nutrition whether you call it primal, paleo, neolithic, caveman, or whatever – we give you the key points of the benefits of this lifestyle. We know you get challenged all the time, we’ll give you the pitch for why you are the future. Also included, about 130 days of meal logging.


– 100 days of daily tracking, in 3 main sections
– Subsections allow up to 6 meals per day
– Room to record how you feel after meal/snack
– Zone/Paleo Guides to Eating
– Kitchen measurements

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The original WODbook comes standard with “double” logging (two entries per page) for about 150 workouts per book. The movement standards and PR tracking are combined into one section allowing 8 entries each for 1, 3, and 5RM.


Benchmark workouts are listed with room for tracking scores for girls, heroes, other benchmarks, travel workouts, football, and Games WODs. Charts include max reps and pound-kilo. This book is stacked deep with features including: nutrition guide, body mass index, check-ins, acronyms, goals, ten physical skills, guide to scaling and class levels.

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