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Zen Planner -Schedule Link


Zen Planner -Schedule Link


We’ve been working on transferring everyone from MindBody to Zen Planner over the last couple weeks. Thanks for your patience while we switch.

Zen Planner does have a free app you can download to your cell and use to sign in for classes.

We’ll also have an iPad kiosk set up if you forget to sign in ahead of time.

To help us get everything switched over please do the following:

  • Watch for Zen Planner email with login information.
  • Login to check your account membership info.
    • Please make sure your membership details, payment info, date, etc. all look correct.
    • Email if you see any changes that need to be made.

Again, All CC information has been transferred over to Zen Planner, so your accounts are all set up. Please look at and review your account.

    • Do you want to switch to Direct Withdraw from your bank account??? Enter your bank account information and let us know via email that you want to make the switch.
    •  Direct withdraw from your bank account helps CFS avoid high credit card fees, expired CC info, CC changes, etc. that we deal with now.
    • This will save us a lot of time usually spent fixing these problems, and the money we save on credit card fees we can put back into the gym (more equipment, space, classes, etc.)!
    • We’ve deleted all CC info in MindBody, so any payments scheduled after August 5th will be made through Zen Planner.

Schedule your classes!

  • Start signing up for classes on Zen Planner!
  • For the next couple weeks we’ll still have both calendars (MindBody & Zen Planner) posted so that we have time to make sure everyone is transferred over.

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