About Us

CrossFit Stapleton is a high energy, no-nonsense, school of fitness. It is your alternative to large commercial gyms and trendy fitness fads.

Our Mission

Our mission here at CrossFit Stapleton is to empower & educate motivated individuals looking to improve and maintain their mental, physical and emotional wellness. You can rest assured that we will give you the tools necessary to optimize your health, so you can focus on the things that you are truly passionate about.

We are THE school for all items related to health and wellness. A place where the ‘Everyday Athlete’ can find ALL of the the tools and support necessary to reach the best possible version of themselves. Our educated and well rounded staff is focused on getting to know you, your goals, limitations, and expectations. We are here to help you reach your true potential.

What Makes Us Different?

CrossFit Stapleton was founded on the belief that children and adults can live a healthier more fulfilling life if they are engaged in a fitness program that is fun, challenging and in a group environment. Our aim is to provide Stapleton families the opportunity to “forge elite fitness” in a safe and fun environment with other members of the community.

We focus on delivering the highest level of instruction through our certified CrossFit coaches. We believe in the statement “Everybody’s an athlete”, and look to embody that mentality to spread the CrossFit methods to our friends and the community.

Our in depth onboarding process weeds out the ‘non-committal’ individuals that will not thrive here and ensures our athletes are built strong from the inside out. Taking our time to develop each athlete that walks through our door (experienced or not) ensures safety, longevity, and constant improvement!

With quarterly ‘baseline’ test days, nutrition screens, metrics based programming and consistent goal setting sessions you can be confident that you will not only find the quick results you have been looking for in a training program but also maintain and improve upon those results overtime!

Who We Are

CrossFit Stapleton focuses on relationships with our students, building community, service that exceeds your expectations and program design that helps you reach your goals faster.

It is a gym that caters to people who want to work hard to raise their fitness levels and reach their health and fitness goals. When it comes to training, we do the things that work, period! Strength and conditioning are the staples of our programs. We also train with a wide variety of non-traditional training tools and styles that are very effective and fun. There are plenty of places out there that are a lot cheaper. You get what you pay for. If you are looking for value and our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, then you are in the right place.

There is absolutely no substitute for high intensity and hard work.The key to success is consistency.
 Make the WOD (workout of the day) a habit and make your health and fitness your priority. Results are not guaranteed, they are earned.

Meet Our Coaches

Head Coach

Tayler UptonHead Coach

Head Coach

Greg SandHead Coach

Bootcamp RX

Rob MathesBootcamp RX

Bootcamp RX

Ann LonigroBootcamp RX

Sozo Physical Therapy

Jenn GarrisonSozo Physical Therapy

Crossfit RX

Jason San SouciCrossfit RX

Crossfit RX

Matt StaubCrossfit RX

Yoga RX

Rob BarberYoga RX

Gym Mascot

BumperGym Mascot

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